One platform for all your Scene data operations

As a multimodal scene data platform, coScene provides a complete toolchain for your R&D and operations needs. Taking advantage of coScene's core engines, you will be able to efficiently track, store, transform, utilize, and share your scene data on a large scale.

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Core Engines


Scene Data Management Engine

Collecting, persisting, managing, streaming, anything. The Swiss knife for your scene data.


Large Scale Workflow Engine

Scheduling large scale of workers at your fingertip with all the necessary data ready for your magic.


Semantic Search Engine

Navigating through EBs of data is as easy as walking down the street. Need something semantic? It's just a query away. :)

Empowering Industrial Revolutions

The greater autonomous driving industries

The autonomous driving industry is technically demanding, with many segments and complex scenarios, requiring large amounts of data and efficient operation to support the long-tail development process.

The Future of Robotics

Robots are already all around us, whether they are commercial cleaning robots that wipe down granite floors in shopping malls every night, industrial robotic arms that assemble cars on assembly lines, or special-purposed robots that inspect nuclear power plants nonstop. But to take robots to the next level, there are still a huge number of scenarios they need to learn and understand.

Industrial Internet of Things

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) integrates machines, cloud computing, analytics, and human resources to improve the performance and productivity of industrial processes. The massive amount of data generated by billions of interconnected devices is the real treasure that will drive efficient production in the next era. How to effectively use such data becomes the key to success.

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Engineering Manager
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